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Submersible Pump Accessories

Submersible Pump Accessories ,Pump Float Switch,Auto Coupling,Well Pump Controller Box ,Cutter Impeller And Other  Submersible Pump Accessories



In this page, we introduce the accessories of submersible pumps, such as coupler, float switch, impeller & control box.


The sewage pump coupling device includes a coupler, a coupling flange, a guide rod, and an upper fixing plate. An annular groove is formed on the contact surface of the coupling base and the coupling slide plate, and a soft sealing gasket is tightly fixed on the groove. By adopting the above structure, the coupling contact surface of the coupling slide plate and the coupling base is firmly sealed by the annular sealing groove.

Float Switch

Float switch control the water pump, valve or alarm. Applied to various kinds of liquid (non-corrosive, sewage water, tank,). Non-toxic polypropylene(PP) float body and pvc or rubber cable, particular design for sealing. Silver point micro switch. Heavy sinker. max 0.2mp water pressure, no any leakage.

Control Box

Single phase motor starting controller

Single phase capacitor operating motor is equipped with an external capacitor and an over-load protector in the starting controller which can automatically break down power supply (manual recover) when motor over-loading


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