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Bomba de superficie inteligente

lntelligent Self- Priming Pump



Linear pressure sensor is used to control the starting pressure of pump instead of traditional mechanical switch.At the same time, it has advanced flow control system.



Suitable for well water pumping. family, hotel, canteen, garden irrigation and other clean water pressurization, but also solar energy, water heater, central air conditioning and other equipment supporting pressurization preferred.



Automatic identification of pipe pressure

Automatic regulation of starting pressure

The chip has memory function

Plug-in and play

Intelligent overlapping

The operation of water pump is controlled by pressure sensor and flow switch

Water shortage protection Water start-up

Temperature protection

Electrophoresis rust prevention


Operating Conditions

The temperature of pumping liquid does not exceed 100 ℃ and the ambient temperature dose not exceed 40 ℃, and the maximum suction distance is 8 - 9m.


Technical Parameter

Pump body : Cast iron, 304 stainless steel inserts

Pump support : Cast iron, 304 stainless steel inserts

Motor housing : Aluminum

Impeller : Copper

Mechanical seal : Silicon carbide

Bearing : 6201(280W-480w) 6202(68OW-880W)



Electric pump speed: (n=2850r.p.m)

Insulation: Class F

Protection: IP44

Continuous service: S1

Thermal protector

Single-phase : 220V/50Hz, 60Hz if request

lntelligent Self- Priming Pump

lntelligent Self- Priming Pump

lntelligent Self- Priming Pump


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